La Finestra (The Window)

A window into the Italian-American community.

San Francesco di Paola

Francesco Martolilla was born on 22 March 1416 in Paola and died 2 April 1507 in Plessis, France. Saint Francis was born to parents known for their holiness. They remained childless for a number of years and prayed for the intercession of Saint Francis of Assisi for children. Their prayers were answered and their first-born child, a son, was named Francesco (Francis) in honor of Saint Francis of Assisi. Two more children followed. As a child he suffered an ailment in his eye which threatened his sight. His parents again, prayed for the intercession of Saint Francis of Assisi and vowed that he would wear the robes of Saint Francis' order. He was instantly cured. Thus began the life of a man

Happy Mother's Day!

In different culture there are the different opinion about Happy Mother's Day. Some say that it is a celebration of her mother’s birthday, and the date of the Mother's Day 2017 around the world is different. The earliest known Mother’s Day originated in ancient Greece. Mothers usually receive gifts from the children on this day; according to most people, carnations are considered to be one of the most suitable flowers for their mothers. Originally the American Mother's Day was launched by Anna Jarvis (1864-1948), who was unmarried for the rest of her life. Anna Jarvis was kind and compassionate, and she proposed to set up a memorial day to commemorate the mothers. But her wish had not been f

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