La Finestra (The Window)

A window into the Italian-American community.

Morricone's melodies beyond the gunshots

Italian composer Ennio Morricone has spent more than six decades in the business and written scores to some of Hollywood's biggest hit films Remember the showdown in "The Good, the Bad and the Ugly?" Well Ennio Morricone, one of the world's greatest living composers, wants you to tear your eyes away from the film's gunslingers and listen instead. "In the cinema you cannot actively listen to the music -- there's dialogue, noises, special effects, it all distracts the audience," he told AFP as he prepared for the next stages of a world tour celebrating 60 years in the business. "Music has to be listened to and the concerts allow the audience to listen to my music, and my music alone," the 88-y

Why I Celebrate Independence Day

This is not to say that I do not feel some kind of kinship with my native country, Italy. I do. But, since dreaming of coming to America as a little boy and eventually coming to this country and becoming an American citizen, I can truly say that my allegiance is to America. You see, I came here because I did not have any opportunities to become the singer and the pilot I wanted to be in Italy. There were no such opportunities available for an "illegitimate son." It took Italy well into the 70s to change the law that would eventually protect the "love children" of WW2 from the social injustices and constant vilification that labeled us all second class citizens. It wasn't till I came to Ca

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