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A window into the Italian-American community.


HE WAS A HUMBLE MAN. HE WAS A GIANT! He never spoke about that day, but my mother did. He never boasted about his courage but he demonstrated it time and time again all throughout his life in quiet ways that made him my hero. He witnessed two World Wars. October 24, 2017 marks the First Centennial Anniversary of his aerial combat in WWI where he distinguished himself and was awarded a Silver Medal for Valor. I LOVED HIM DEARLY. He was MY FATHER! SILVER MEDAL TO MILITARY VALOR First Centenary Ardito osservatore di aeroplano, dotato di calma e di tenacia, dimostro in tutti i suoi voli grande sprezzo del pericolo ed alto sentimento del dovere. Di ritorno dal volo di ricognizione delle valli del

Why celebrate Columbus Day? Here are a few reasons.

Columbus Day, the second Monday in October, is a nationally recognized holiday. But it’s not recognized in Los Angeles, where I live. The City Council recently voted to get rid of Columbus Day and replace it with Indigenous Peoples’ Day, commemorating “indigenous, aboriginal and native people.” This movement sees Columbus as a symbol of destruction, and thus not to be celebrated. This new Day was first adopted in Berkeley, California in 1992. Since then, it’s spread across the nation with increasing speed, as more than 60 cities from Maine to Washington have supported the idea. While there is plenty to criticize about Columbus, and what followed his arrival, I think this movement is missing

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