La Finestra (The Window)

A window into the Italian-American community.

Pilgrims and Thanksgiving

On November 11, 1620, after 66 days at sea, in a space no larger than a volleyball court, 102 passengers aboard the Mayflower finally reached America. They put ashore at Cape Cod. Winter was approaching. Inclement weather and lack of boats made it difficult to unload the ship. They had to, somehow, and with that, start building some shelter. Within three months, by February, being infected by scurvy and other diseases, half had died. Scarcely 50 remained and of those, only 6 or 7 were able to tend to the desperate needs of the community: fetch wood, make fires, hunt for meat and dress it, wash their filthy clothes, all of this done willingly without complaint, showing their true love unto t

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