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Il Sipario
The Curtain

A Window inside the Italian-American Community in Michigan and Italy

Quotes For The Soul


Let my dreams be bigger than my fears.
Let my actions speak louder than my words.
I will be motivated, not manipulated.
I will make changes, not excuses.
I will work to excel, not compete.
I choose to listen to my inner voice,

not the jumbled noises of everyone else.
I dare trust. I dare dream. I dare do.

I dare BE.
So help me God.

                                            Author Unknown

Jan - Feb 2024

March - April 2024

The State News 10/17/23


Not only is Italian-American Heritage Month celebrated on MSU’s campus, but also city-wide.

“The Italian American Club of Lansing celebrates Italian heritage month by hosting ‘Italian Dinner Night,’ or Una sera Italiana, an authentic pasta dinner," president of the city cultural, Tony De Luca, said.

De Luca is approaching his 20th year as president of the Lansing IAC and holds other positions within other committees that highlight Italian representation within the community.  (Click PDF for more)


President DeLuca guest segment on
Studio 10, WILX, March 2024

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