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Hurrah...New Website!

Hi Everyone!

As you can see, we have a new website. Boni and I have taken on the task to manage it and we hope you like what you see. We try to keep a daily eye on it and add exciting news that will drive you to explore as well as participate in the dialogue with your comments, ideas and suggestions.

You will find announcements here, on this blog. If appropriate, then we'll also place a notice on the front page.

In this month's Newsletter we welcome "The Wine Raconteur," a non-technical wine writer, who enjoys the moment with the wine, as much as the wine. John Torosian is from East Lansing and recently celebrated the 1000th publication of his column. Congratulations, John, and welcome to the club!


Il Sipario ( see-pah-ree-oh ) 'theatrical curtain' in Italian, is where you will find the bi-monthly newsletter, Quote of the Day, and interesting articles pertaining to our Italian-American community here in Michigan.

The Events page will feature upcoming attractions.

The Sponsors page is for those interested in promoting a business or a product. The Sponsorship is for one year and costs $149.00. On the Sponsors page you will find an application. This month we are proud to introduce Roma Bakery & Deli, whom you have known since 1969 here in Lansing.

Mena Castriciano, the owner, is also a fabulous chef. Her and I met one day to film one of her dishes. Go to her site, enjoy the video and download the recipe.

She will provide one every month. She also has published a cookbook - yum, yum - which she can autograph for you.


Joining the roster is LEAP, The Lansing Economic Area Partnership. The Lansing Economic Area Partnership (LEAP) and its Board of Directors, staff, and volunteers are committed to recognizing, enhancing and promoting diversity in all forms. LEAP’s mission is to create an equitable and inclusive environment that supports and promotes a prosperous and vibrant region where businesses can thrive, prosper, succeed and grow.

To join, please visit their sponsor's site.


The Membership tab is for those businesses that would like to offer club members a discount on their products. Here you will also find the Membership application where one can join the LIAC or renew and pay yearly dues.

The Gallery will feature photo albums of interest. If you have photos or mementos pertaining to your association with IAC or Italian life here in Michigan, do send that info to our President Tony De Luca.

In closing, thank you for participating and, as we say in Italy, sempre in gamba! Which is a way of saying: always stay on the uppety-up!

Your friend,


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