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Our Mission

To foster our proud heritage and  love for our home.  To instill the values of faith, character and work in the new generation.  To help those in need and set a Christian example.

Our Offering

We offer a variety of activities, from sports events to concerts, and love to gather for festivals celebrating our common heritage.  From here to Detroit we are all one group united in a common cause: community and the love for God, Country and Family.


"As President of  the Lansing Italian-American Club, I am proud to welcome you to this exciting group of Italo-Americans whose roots still harbor the sweet memories and traditions of the Old Country. We appreciate the efforts and sacrifices of our family whose vision for a better life, out of the strife of a country devastated by wars, led them across the ocean to contribute, with strong character and hard work, to make this New Country of theirs the home, sweet home of liberty! 


Some of us were born there.  Some of us were born here. We all work here. We grow our families here. We make sure that our children keep up the traditions and home-grown respect we were tutored in by our parents.   We are proud of our heritage as Italians and proud to call ourselves Americans!  


I look forward to meeting you, soon. Thank you for visiting. Please join us in keeping our club vibrant, productive and fun. God bless Italy and God bless America!"

                                               ~ Tony De Luca, President

Lake Como - Villa D'Este


Tony De Luca
Paul Orlando
Past President
Bill Altimore
Vice President
Hon. Frank De Luca
Fr. Enzo Adddari
Spiritual Advisor
Board Member

Jennifer (Burigana) Preslar
Recording Secretary
Joe Sambaer
Steve LaMacchia
Bob LaMacchia
Hon. Charles Filice
Jim Dravenstatt-Moceri
Amanda Love
Financial Secretary
Jerry DeRosa
Giorgio Burigana

Contact Tony De Luca

P.O. Box 27456 - Lansing, Michigan 48909

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