Christ the Redeemer Statue of Maratea, Italy


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      The Christ the Redeemer statue of Maratea in Basilicata is made out of Carrara marble and stands an incredible 70 feet high (21 m), and has an enormous arm span of 63 feet equaling (19 m). 


    The statue is located high up on a mountain and situated in front of the Santuario di San Biagio, whose relics have been preserved in Basilica since 732 A.D. The entire experience is incredible and the panoramic views are absolutely breathtaking! This masterpiece is the tallest statue in Italy and the third largest Christ statue in Europe.  Another interesting fact about the Christ the Redeemer Statue of Maratea is that it shares the same name with its more popular cousin Christ The Redeemer of Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.


     It is a long and adventurous winding road that leads up to the statue. Many tourists make the trek a form of religious pilgrimage.  As you begin to head up out in the distance the direction of the majestic statue remains unclear. Many onlookers presume it’s facing the sea. However, as you approach closer and closer it looks as though it faces the Mountains of Basilicata.  Interestingly enough it’s the history and the craftsmanship that makes the statue a top tourist attraction.